Lalapanzi Hotel offers activities for young and old.

Activities at Lalapanzi Hotel

Swimming in a large well maintained Pool, with Braai facilities and a Trampoline for the children to enjoy.

Cycling can either be done on road or a Mountain Bike ride can be taken through the surrounding bushveldt region on clearly marked paths.

Walks or Hikes for up to 4 hours can be enjoyed on site on clearly marked paths.

Game drive – minimum 4 people.

Other fun activities like Volleyball, browsing through the Curio shop or by going back in time in the Skirmishes Museum or joining a Skirmishes Anglo Boer War Tour (bookings in advance).

More information about the surrounding area.

Activities around lalapanzi

Skirmishes Museum

Skirmishes museum tours activities Lalapanzi

Swimming Pool

Activities Swimming pool

Activities in the Surrounding Area

Please enquire at Lalapanzi Info centre if you are interested in any activities. 

There are many 4×4 Trails in the Soutpansberg region of which many are accessible with 4×4 or off-road vehicles only, which could make for a lot of fun.

An Arts & Crafts Tour can be booked with a Hop on Hop off Guide for half or full day tours to Elim.

There are many Wildlife and Game breeding centres and a Predator breeding centre that could be visited for a full day.

Bird watching could be done on Lalapanzi’s premises or one could venture to the Soutpansberg Mountain to spot some Vultures or Eagles as with the smaller more elusive birds.

Historical Sites (arrange well in advance for visits) can be visited by receiving some directions at Lalapanzi or a Skirmishes Tour can be booked in advance for a visit.

Archaeological Sites like Dzata Ruins with a Museum can be visited on a half day drive out.

The Thate Vonde Lake and Forest also known as the Holy Lake and Forest that could be visited on the same day trip as Dzata Ruins. If you take off very early the Tshitale Potholes could also be visited.

The Komatiland Hiking Trails is a well known hiking route along the escarpment of the Soutpansberg Mountains and is said to be some of the best unknown hikes in South Africa.
Hiking trails also include the Hanglip trails that are situated just north of Louis Trichardt and are easily reachable.

Baobab / Kremetart

Activities Big Baobab Kremetart boom

Tshitale Potholes

Tshitale Potholes Venda to see

Birds Spotted Here

  • Apalis Bar-throated
  • Barbet Acacia-pied
  • Barbet Black Collared
  • Batis Chinspot
  • Boubou Southern
  • Brubru
  • Bulbul Dark-capped
  • Bunting Golden-breasted
  • Bushshrike Orange-breasted
  • Camaroptera Grey-backed
  • Canary Yellow
  • Canary Yellow-fronted
  • Cisticola Rattling
  • Crombec Long-billed

  • Crow Pied
  • Dove Emerald-spotted
  • Dove Laughing
  • Dove Ring necked
  • Drongo Fork-tailed
  • Egret Cattle
  • Finch Melba
  • Firefinch African
  • Firefinch Red-billed
  • Flycatcher Fiscal
  • Flycatcher Marico
  • Flycatcher Southern Black
  • Francolin Crested
  • Go-away-bird Grey
  • Goose Egyptian
  • Greenbul Sombre
  • Greenbul Yellow-bellied
  • Guineafowl Helmeted
  • Hoopoe African
  • Hornbill Southern Yellow
  • Ibis Hadeda
  • Kingfisher Brown-hooded
  • Lapwing Crowned
  • Mannikin Bronze
  • Mousebird Red-faced
  • Mousebird Speckled
  • Myna Common
  • Oriole Black-headed
  • Ostrich Common
  • Plover Three-banded
  • Prinia Tawny-flanked
  • Puffback Black-backed
  • Robin White-browed Scrub
  • Robin-Chat White-throated
  • Sandpiper Common
  • Seedeater Streaky-headed
  • Sparrow House
  • Sparrow Southern
  • Grey-headed
  • Spurfowl Natal
  • Starling Cape Glossy
  • Sunbird AmethystSunbird
  • Scarlet-chested
  • Sunbird White-bellied
  • Swallow Lesser Striped
  • Swift African Palm
  • Swift Little
  • Swift White-Rumped
  • Thrush Kurrichane
  • Thrush Olive
  • Tinkerbird Yellow-fronted
  • Tit Southern Black
  • Vulture Cape
  • Waxbill Black-faced
  • Waxbill Blue
  • Weaver Southern Masked
  • White-eye Cape
  • Woodpecker Cardinal